Life Insurance


Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance gives death protection for as long as you live. Some whole life policies let you pay premiums for a shorter period such as 20 years, or until age 65. Additionally, whole life insurance policies typically develop "cash values," which may be accessible to you while the policy remains in force.

Term Life Insurance

Term Insurance is death protection for a "term" of one or more years. Death benefits will be paid only if you die within that term of years.  Some term insurance policies are "renewable" for one or more additional terms even if your health has changed. Each time you renew the policy for a new term, premiums will be higher.

Final Expense

Typically offered as a type of whole life policy written for a specific purpose, which is to cover funeral or cremation costs and other debts you may leave behind at the time of death. Policy face amounts are usually  less than standard life insurance policies.